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Tradeways Technical Services LLC, situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is a leader in the field of specialized concrete restoration, protection and repair. Founded by a group of experienced and qualified civil engineers, who are dedicated to achieving the highest standard of excellence and quality, TTS is perceived to be the best technical solutions provider for concrete restoration and repair for residential, commercial and industrial structures, buildings, bridges, tunnels etc.

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Our Services

TTS has highly trained experts in the field of injection technology, quality products and up to date application technology methods in this specialized field.
TTS ensures technical solutions to retain the glory of the architecture structures in UAE by ensuring the cosmetic beauty of structures are maintained throughout.
TTS provides repairs and enhancement that are effective, durable and can be proven to extend the service life and performance of the structure. Tradeways operates in strict accordance with established international standards and codes of practice.
TTS is capable of providing water proofing solution to the areas such as roofs, basement, bathrooms, balconies and also other wet areas.
TTS has vast experience in water tank lining works by providing solution for potable drinking water tanks or tanks intended for storing processed water with high polluting liquids.
TTS also work with the repair of tunnel linings and the utilization of fixed intermittent positioning of water control liners. Where required, TTS undertake the installation of full waterproof lining systems using both spray applied liners and membranes.